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Polishing inside of rings

I find that polishing the inside of rings often makes them so hot that it gets very uncomfortable to hold them. I’ve never seen a suitable tool for safely holding a ring on the outside to allow polishing the inside, so here’s my solution, which works surprisingly well.


Did you make it? Can you show us how?

GWooding that is brilliant!

I think I see how you made it, Cut part of the head from an I bolt so it can hook through holes in the leather strap, a hollow handle with a washer or two at the bottom and and a wingnut.
Place the ring in the leather strap, tighten wingnut, drawing the strap down until the ring is secured.
Awesome simply awesome, Thank you very much for sharing.


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Nice but I just take an old mens leather belt, cut off about 3 inches and toss it among my polishing buffs. When I need one pick it up, wrap it around a ring and hold both. Have some pieces that must be forty years old.

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I too used to use a piece of an old leather belt, but always found it a little awkward to keep the loop nicely tight and often thought there must be a better method.
The “tool” was very easy to make.
It is comprised of a piece of 3mm thick, 15mm wide, 14cm long soft leather, an 85mm long piece of M6 all-thread, a handle, and a wing-nut and washer.
Two flats were filed at the end of the all-thread to leave a tongue 12mm long and 2mm thick, as seen in the drawing. The leather was then looped and squeezed on to the tongue to create a recess in the leather, then removed to allow adhesive to firmly glue it in position - see the photo.
The trickiest part was the handle. It’s 80mm long and 25mm diameter, with two 8mm, 50mm deep holes drilled at one end, and a 7mm hole bored all through. The pocket for the leather loop can then be chiselled out. (The drawing shows the appearance prior to forming the pocket). After shaping the handle and tidying the pocket, the handle was complete. I confess that I made my handle by 3D printing it.


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Here’s my new ring holder for doing insides. It’s just PVC pipe and some leather. SD


Good for this too when rings get hot