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Polishing equipment - dust collector

Hello all

I am ready to graduate from my small Dura-bull 165 cfm table top polisher to a machine that will actually capture dust with out changing a filter every couple of uses. Heath concerns are driving the upgrade. I was trying to decide between the Dura bull 3/4HP space saving unit rio # 336436 or the Quatro 1-0031-021.

Quatro: 600 cfm, DB: 400 cfm - how much air flow do you need when an enclosed hood is being used
Quatro: 2 stage filter, DB : 1 large filter bag - how often do you need to change filter bags (they are $$$$)
Quatro: Led lights, DB: tradional light bulbs - is knocking out light bulb common in polishing hoods

I am open to your thoughts and insights and other suggestions.