Polishing discs for flex shaft

Hello! I’m hoping to use my (Dremel) flex shaft to finish pieces as a
sandpaper replacement (RSI makes sanding tough!). Does anyone
recommend one type of wheel over another? Rio Grande sells a few
different varieties of mixed kits (course to fine), and it’s hard to
know which might be best. I’m working on silver, copper, & brass at
this point, if that makes any difference.

-Jessica in SF, chock full o’ summertime fog.

Hi Jessica, One of my favorite sanding tools is the Snap-On Discs on
page 161 of your Rio Tools & Equipment Book 2002. Item D includes
the mandrels and an assortment of grits.

Marta in nearby Sacramento

I like the Adalox sanding discs and I prefer the paper-backed ones
to the plastic. The plastic backs are more flexible but that’s not a
plus for the way I use them, which is primarily to clean up solder
blobs on bezels. Look at Rio’s catalog, p. 169, #B. I buy the
coarse and fine only; I’ve never found the medium to make much
difference. I wouldn’t buy the kit. It’s a good deal if you end up
using everything in it but you probably won’t.


 I'm hoping to use my (Dremel) flex shaft to finish pieces as a
sandpaper replacement 

Hi Jessica, I used the Cratex wheels for years… because that’s what
I had always used. After an Orchid discussion a while back, I decided
to try the Advantedge polishers from Rio. I rarely use the Cratex
wheels any more. Be aware that “heavy duty” sanding will eat them up
like candy. You might also want to consider the snap-on sandpaper
disks, with their special mandrel, as a supplement for a true
sanding. They take a little getting used to, but are flexible. I’ve
tried the 3M bristle disks some folks love, but have yet to decided
whether or not I like them.

As a side note, you can also buy large Cratex wheels for a bench
grinder, which I find handy for bulk work or heavier duty metal

All the best,
Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Polishing discs for flex shaft Hello Jessica in SF,_(my old stompin’
grounds…actually Marin Co. I love and use disc for everything! The
paper backed ones don’t last very long, but they ‘bend’ and you can
get in tight areas. The Moore plastic backed ones are long
lasting…get all grits…fine,med,course…you will use them, Also
get variety of diameters, but I mainly use 7/8 inch. BUT my fav is
the 1-1/2 inch. I put one up and back it with one reversed(they’re
pinholed for regular mandrals, not snap on)and can get a flat emery
surface easily. Item #72-515 from A&A 213-627 8044 Let me know how you
like them. Thomas Blair www.islandgoldworks.com

Hoy Orchidians I was taught this years ago & it has been very
useful… When you find a flexible sanding disc you like and need to
get into curved areas, put 3 cuts in the disc. Equally spaced, and at
parallel angles around the outside edge. You’ll have to experment
since I can’t show you here… This enables the disk to overlap on
itselfand therefore curve. It works pretty good but they wear out
even faster. Hey I love this list, what a goldmine of

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