Polishing coral

Zam will bring your coral back to life. It’s a buffing compound that
is wonderful for soft stones such as coral, tourquoise and such. ~Poppy~

Bought some 2 -3" coral branches in Tucson, how do I polish them?
Can I tumble them, if is so , do I use the same solution as I do on
sterling? Thanks, Jill

Hi Jill, You might try zam on a polishing wheel in your foredom of
dremel. Coral is very easy to polish. If it has the orange coating
on it that can be removed with a brush, soap and water. Good Luck.
Your orchid friend, Lee Epperson

Jill, Sorry for delay in response…been busy. Don’t know what kind
of ‘coral’ you purchased. Assume the red variety. Do not tumble.
Coral can be delicate and tumbling will not be kind. Also, the grit
will get into all sorts of little holes and crevises and be
impossible to get out.

The one suggestion you got to use ZAM is the best way to go. If you
don’t have any, white diamond polish available at local Sears or Ace
will do nicely too. If you have a larger polisher use a 6" cotton
muslin buff and a light touch. Keep the wheel well loaded with
polish. Be careful the wheel does not ‘grab’ the limb whilst
polishing across the branch and always end up polishing vertical to
the wheel…it gives the best shine. If you do not have a polisher,
a small muslin pad on a dremel or flex shaft will do but it will be

The above will work for most all corals but some do need special
care. If you got something else from what I assumed, contact me off

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut1