Polishing Cabinet Filters

A few years back we bought a polishing cabinet and hood setup for
the shop. It is an Arbe unit from Jules Borel in Kansas City. It
came with the silencer (which most suppliers charge extra for) and
was at least 100 dollars cheaper than other suppliers. I’ve been
very pleased with it. Unfortunately the filters now need to be
replaced. It has fourteen cloth bags. Is there any way to wash
these filters? They have a steel bar along the bottom and metal at
the top with a hard felt type edging around the top for sealing. I
realize that you are supposed to refine the bags, but if they were
swept out very well with a shop vac before washing would you really
lose that much gold? Replacing the filters is an expensive option. I
was wondering if anybody in Orchid had either washed or cleaned
their filters and how they did it. I am concerned about the hard
felt that seals the top from losing it’s shape and sealing ability.
Another question is how to keep the metal parts from rusting after?

James S. Cantrell CMBJ

Those filter bags can be cleaned to a point that they become
inefficient. Then you are jeopardizing the air you breathe, and so,
which price are you willing to pay ? My advice is to send your bags
in for refining and install new ones. Your lungs will appreciate it.

Steve Burns

James I have a 21 bag filter system vacuum and I also had thought of
washing the filters but I knew the steel bars would rust. Well after I
ruined two shop vac’s trying to clean them I just replaced the bags
filters. ( after 10 years of use ) I sent the filters to Hoover &
Strong and recovered my expense for the new filters.

I bought the filters from Rio Grande four years ago and they are
still working well , I think at the time I paid 275.- 300. The
increase in CFM was incredible . But my thought is that your system
is fairly new and your filters should be in good shape , my
suggestion is to make sure that the filters fit tightly together and
there is no gaps at the top when you reinstall them. Also check the
for excessive rouge accumulation in the silencer, if it looks clean
then your in good shape.

Hope this helps
Tony Cecena