Polishing cabinet and motor recommendations


I’m ready (and way overdue) to buy my first polishing cabinet and
motor. I am looking to do as much pre-polish as possible and polish.

I’ve Identified 2 that seem like a good fit, but have never heard of
either brand; Dura-bull and Pepe/Quatro.

Is there a noticeable difference between using 1/2 hp vs. 1/2 hp?

Is one easier to clean out the filters? or just more reliable?

Also, is there some other feature that I should be taking into

I am leaning towards the Dura-BULL because of the 1/2 hp motor and
the cabinet looks smaller because it does not have that huge shelf
storage on the top.

  • Dura-bull The polishing motor (included) is a 1/2hp, 3450rpm sealed
    motor with two 5/8" straight shafts and spindles


  • Ottoclean by Pepe bench top dust collector matched with a Quatro
    1/4 HP 2 speed 3450/1725 dual spindle Coolblue polishing motor


I’d love to avoid buyers remorse.

Thanks for your help!