Polishing brass money clips


I manufacture money clips. My base metal is brass and the clips are
3/4" wide. I am looking for a buffing wheel that will produce a
smooth satin antique brushed finish. I have tried several buffing
wheels without success. Can someone point me in the right
direction. Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Paul Van Dyke

Hi Paul,

You might try tumbling rather than buffing as a way to put the final
finish on your brass clips. You have the choice of several
different media that will give you different finishes. Usually I use
the bright polished finish of stainless steel shot burnishing.
However, when I want an even matt finish look, I sometimes use the
finest abrasive media that I have, a yellow plastic media impregnated
with fine abrasive. Even a small inexpensive tumbler will work

David Luck
627 Center Street
Iowa City, IA 52245-3008