Polishing and buffing books


I want to learn the techniques of polshing and buffing. Could anyone
suggest names of some books that explain in detail about polshing and
buffing jewelry

I do not have any one who can teach me polishing. Is it possible to
learn by myself by practicing repeatedly


I have come to realize on this board that Rahul is a man of infinite
curiousity. I don’t know of, or have ever even heard of, any books
specific to polishing. Probably the best I’ve ever read, though, is
“Good Ol’” Metal Techniques For Craftsmen, by Oppi Untracht. Maybe
Jewelry Concepts and Technology, also by Mr. Untracht. They are the
only books I would recommend any novice should absolutely have, just
loaded with a wide variety of things.


Rahul, do you have access to a good library and/or to interlibrary
loan? If so, just visit the section with any jewelrymaking books and
look up polishing and buffing in each one, until you find something
that looks possible for you. Only in newer books will you find
on tumble-polishing. Most earlier will be on
hand-polishing (tedious but sometimes necessary) and polishing using
various wheels on a bench grinder or other polishing machine.

Judy Hoch (of this list) has an affordable book on tumble-polishing,
available in most catalogs (like Rio Grande).

All the best,
Judy Bjorkman