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Polishing 24k gold

How to polish 24k jewellery, the pieces have scrolls design on them, can not burnish them

Put it in a vibratory tumbler with stainless steel shot and a burnishing compound.

Thank you so much
Can I use a magnetic tumbler ?
The pieces are 11mm in diameter and 1.8 mm thick .
I have more than 100 pieces .
Best regards

Hi Jorge
By all means in using your magnetic tumbler. Those metal ‘shots’ get into all of those little spots where your polishing wheels will never get to.
If a light buffing is required, then do so. The results will be so fantastic.
I have a mini-magnetic tumbler and your money is so well spent. Enjoy!

“Gerry, on my iPhone”

I’d be cautious here. 24K is usually very soft so impingement would be likely. Also - do the pieces have stones? If so, I wouldn’t use the steel shot. A vibratory tumbler is a more vigorous machine for steel. You could try a couple in a magnetic pin finisher and evaluate results. You won’t get burnished shiny surfaces, rather slightly sparkly surfaces.
My recommendation is to try ceramic beads or cylinders intended for burnishing. They are really gentle and produce a high shine - but the run time is long. You use a flow thru system in a vibratory machine. Pay attention to the drain opening or you will lose your beads.
Judy Hoch

Thank you so much for your advise on the 24k polishing ; I used a small magnetic tumbler before polishing .
I polished using platinum compounds and using a variable speed polishing machine at a lower speed .
The results are great .