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Polished granite

Hi, I am a jeweller based in London UK and i am looking for small
pieces of polished granite (1cm - 2cm ish) to use in pendants.
Ideally these would be irregular shapes (maybe rough triangular
shapes) and flat, like mosaic tiles. Does anyone know where i could
get something like this easily?

Go to any Italian marble supplier and they will probably give you
all the scrap pieces you can carry away. At least that is the way it
is here in Long Island New York. Bill from L.I.

Have you considered just buying a few (polished) granite floor tiles
and cutting them to the shapes you want? Margaret @Margaret_Malm2,
in Utah’s colorful Dixie

Hi, I use granite and marble floor tiles for my jewelry display, and
I break them into irregular shapes to make the display interesting.
You could do the same thing, only break the tiles into pieces that
fit the size of your pendants. If you want clean, finished sides, or
if the tiles are too thick, I’m sure there is a lapidary in your area
who can do whatever you need to make your stones work in your
designs. The tiles are relatively cheap, $5 to $10 for a 12" x 12"
tile, and there are many stone-types available. If you can find a
flooring company with what they call a “bone pile”, leftover tiles
that they sell at a discount, you can do even better cost wise. If
all else fails, let me know, as I have plenty of Calif. Sierra
granite I could cut into pieces just as you describe. Good luck!

Best regards,

Greetings: To begin with, - I am a retired rockhound and do a lot of
cutting and polishing. So, lest you get acceptable offers, I’d be
glad to make some for you. But need (for all, even regular

1. What shades and/or colors of granite
2. Exactly what size - i.e. what type of triangle, rectangle , oval, etc.?

Joe Bokor

Hi - You might be able to find comparatively thin pieces of granite
(which would need to be cut to shape) at a floor tile store. Or at a
funeral monument place. Depending on how urban your area is there
might be one or more places specializing in ornamental stone for
architectural decor. Most of these will have a variety of sample
plates from about the size of a paperback novel to to the size of a
domino; often these get thrown away, out of date, etc.

Hans Durstling
Moncton, Canada