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can somebody help me? I am a retired mechanical engineer who keep
my self busy by facet cutting and investment casting. my problem is
to polish the casting. I am able to cast bees and leafs so all
detail is perfect but how can I polish?

A high polish will remove detail. Try bombing or stripping to give
a bright, but frosted, finish.

Michael Mathews USA

Hello! Usually electro polishing is your best bet on items like
this. You can find the supplies at about any of the Jewelry supply
houses. You may need to lightly strip, electro clean, then electro
polish to get the desired look. Good Luck Dan DeArmond.

Dear Erik do you really need to polish your castings? Sometimes the
very delicacy of the textures achieved in a satisfactory casting
of natural objects is its own reward. Perhaps simply a little
judicious burnishing by hand with a small polished steel burnisher
would give you the finish and highlights that would more perfectly
set off your work. Have fun. - Rex from Oz