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Polish at the bench


I used a simple spring clamp to further my goal of polishing more at my bench. I’ve found some nice size wheels I can use with my flex shaft. You can see so much better and it’s more precise with the smaller wheels. Kinda dig it. I’ll throw up a pic of my specs that I made from reading glasses. I couldn’t work without them.


Wow. So you made triple stack readers. Well done! That took some time to balance out the lenses & make the hinged holders.


Work time is cheap. I considered them necessary.


Very cool Shannon!

I am 63 with no correction other than some magnification. I think you have a product here I would buy.

Been doing similar mods but nothing as outstanding as yours.

Best Regards
PS All my final finishing on important stuff gets done at the bench with my ottor flex. Note respirator required.


Thanks Franz
I’ll have to look up an otter flex


Also I have a flexible suction tube and catch at my bench that draws stuff away from my face.
These magnifies are the most useful thing I’ve made. I use them every day. My microscope is nice too.