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Policing me?

Dear All on this very special network! I was approached yesterday by
another paying network manager giving me a “real what for”. It
appears to him that I am in the wrong for helping many of the
Orchids readers… “free of charge” in stone setting. gimme a break!
Not only did I pay for this long distance phone call to him, I was
chastised on top of it too. Something is very wrong in Kansas or
Ontario! During the past few months I have received so many letters
of thanks, Denmark, New Zealand and now Chile. Thanks, for what?
giving out helpful ideas on stone setting. I will write anywhere I
can and to whom I wish. If I write to my learned friends here on
Orchid, I will ! This one Chilean fellow had no way of learning
jewellery-making, let alone setting.

He cannot afford the countries expensive school fees, but he took
the time to say “Thanks Gerry!” his English was so basic I had a
rough time to read his notes directed to me. Why in blazes should I
turn this fellow down. If it isn’t for ‘us’ trying to make a living
for the ‘newbies’ coming on stream, it is wrong to say “no” to you
folks. I was once in your shoes so many years ago, I had no school
to learn setting, no internet, I had no notes to read from other
setters! If I find a reason to help anyone, I am here, totally ! My
web-site upgrade is coming along very well and very soon ALL OF MY
NOTES will be available to anyone, free of charge. nuf said!

“Gerry, the Cyber-Setter !”

Thanks Gerry

I’m sure there are lots of people like me who appreciate your
tips/help/etc but have never said anything… Thanks.

-Stanley Bright

Hi Gerry. For all your postings on setting (which I save) and for
your recent help when I (blush!) included some diamonds in a gold
melt, many thanks. I am so grateful to be able to tap into the wealth
of knowledge and experience so generously poured into the Orchid
site. Ruth in the U.K.

Gerry, Well this should go out to everyone else Orchidian as well. I
speak as a complete newbie to the jewelers field. I came from a
background in high technology semiconductor manufacturing, playing
Mr. Fix-it for friends, construction work, education, 3-D art and
sculpture and so on. I’m not a totally ignorant individual person in
a number of areas and, in fact, I take pride in being a full blown
nerd. All that said though, I owe so many of you so much thanks for
your assistance in my jewelry adventure that it simply cannot be
spoken. I’ve cruised your websites, the Orchid forums and archives,
and even corresponded with a few of you offline and I have to say
that your advice and encouragement as well as your acceptance into
the field has proven invaluable to me. Gerry, I haven’t had dealings
with you individually but I must tell you that you rock!

Newbies like myself need you people. Most of you are aware of the
insecurities of beginners and not one of you has had a disparaging
remark for those of us starting out.Quite the contrary in fact. So,
Thank you one and all. I for one salute you all for being so kind,
friendly and genuinely helpful! You’re a fine group of folks!

Sharing knowledge is noble–and much appreciated. Thank you.


Hi, I too have found this group a very useful resource, and applaud
the generosity of those sharing …I’ve been making
silver stuff for nearly 30 years now,but still learn lots from you
guys…and occasionally take solace from hearing that I’m not the
only one grappling with the issues raised here.

Long may you run, everyone.
Steve Holden

Well done Gerry! I know I have gotten a lot of useful info from your
setting posts. I would love to one day come and take some lessons
from you, but unfortunately I cannot afford to go too far from
Calgary at this time to do so. Claw setting and other types of
setting faceted stones have always been a problem for me but your
helpful has helped more than a few times.

I also have been chastised for sharing that I know,
including suppliers and techniques that I have been taught. I am
asked “What about your competition? Are you not helping them?”. I
answer yes I am so the few people who I teach that actually do
compete with me (probably only about 5%) forces me to have better
quality and more original. I think that is a good thing for us all.

Keep up the great work!

Karen Bahr “the Rocklady” (@Rocklady)
K.I.S. Creations
May your gems always sparkle.

On the subject of policing: Who was doing the policing? I’m curious.
People who are deathly afraid of being shown to be inadequate tend
to worry about these things. I, in a completely unrelated field, get
told frequently to stop spending so much time with the clients. Why?
Because the other people are a-feared that they will have to do more
work if I keep talking. Invariably I bill higher, get more positive
responses from clients, get a higher rate of returns, and more
importantly they leave saying My God I learned something today. Why
didn’t anyone ever tell me that before? My attitude about these
matters is exactly like Gerry’s: I was lucky enough to be endowed
with certain knowledge. It is my duty on this planet to share
knowledge (judiciously, of course) to the extent that it helps
others make better life decisions, hopefully. (I don’t try to turn
people into surgeons overnight, let’s say) Maybe the next time
someone says Why do you bother? One should respond Why not?