[Poland] Where to buy Amber?

A friend of mine going on a round the world tour wants to know where
is the best place to get Amber. Anyone have any ideas, details? I
have heard that you can take only a small amount of Amber out of
Poland at one time, has anyone heard this or know more?
Thanks, Suzi

Never been told about a limit but i get my amber out of poland and I
know others that get it out of Mexico.


I have a couple of kilos of buggie amber from the Baltics…I could
probably give him as good as a price as there…

Yes, unless you give them a bribe, they will only let you take out so


Dear Susy:

I might be able to help you in your request about Amber if you let me
know what amount and kind of amber your friend is looking for. You can
contact me at E-mail: @ALEXANDRA_LOURDES_FR

For cut clarified amber, the best place I have found is Palmic
International Unit 4 2f, Block A Focal Ind Centre 21 Manlok Street Hung
Hom Hong Kong. They don’t take credit cards. Kathy

Hi Suzi My sister and her new husband spent their honeymoon in
Greece last year and brought back some lovely amber beads from the
Island of Santorini. The village/town was called Oia, and she said
that there are many places to get amber, finished and raw as well.

You will find dealers list for the classic locals Balkan and
Dominican Republic listed in Lapidary Journal,a trade
magazine.Specificly their annual issue in April.E-mail
ljcscirc@aol.com But what you might not know and find most
interesting,is one of the finest locations in the world is New
Jersey,USA.Again I refer you to Lapidary Journal who did a cover story
on this site in an annual issue 5-6 years ago. Mark Liccini


   Quoted From: Mark Liccini <Mark@LICCINI.com> But what you might
not know and find most interesting, is one of the finest locations
in the world is New Jersey, USA. 

Where is the location for finding Amber in New Jersey??

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