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Point of sale software program

Looking at getting a point of sale software program. Anybody have any
recommendations? I would need it for more than just pos. I would like
to tackle inventory control, appraisals, sales, basically looking for
an all-in-one package. I have looked at Ibis and The Edge but would
like to know if there are any other programs to compare.
Thanks for any info.

Looking at getting a point of sale software program. Anybody have
any recommendations? I would need it for more than just pos. 

Interesting question and I hope for lots of replies. I am looking
into this currently as well.

So far, I will most likely go with a program called TinyERP at - from what I know so far, Tiny can handle
almost anything to run a business of up to 50 employees.

There’s an online demo here:

It’s Open Source and it’s free of charge. Unfortunately, the company
behind Tiny has a strange idea of the concept of the Open Source
movement, which leads to a fee for having access to documentation or
latest bug fixes. So make sure you have either the funds or a local
IT guru.

I am working on making the necessary adjustments for a jewellery
business, and if anybody is interested, we may join forces. Contact
me off-list in this case.


I’m not quite sure if it would help with appraisals but it does a
great job with inventory tracking and job tracking as well… MYOB
(Mind Your Own Business) is a great program for the money.


Somebody mentioned POS. I too am looking for new software. Taking a
look at Quickbooks POS right now. They will send you a trial disk.
Would appreciate all wisdom on the subject. We also need an
integrated system with client file, mailing and inventory. We are
manufacturers so the ability to transfer from parcels of gems is


Just my 2 cents…

“Open source” does not automatically mean “Free of charge”. Giving
away software (and source code for same) and charging for updates,
documentation, bug fixes, etc. is not in any way a violation or
"strange idea" of the open surce concept. It is done all the time.
Please read the defination on the Free Software Foundation web site.
To quote:

‘‘Free software’’ is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand
the concept, you should think of ‘‘free’’ as in ‘‘free speech,’’ not
as in ‘‘free beer.’’ (lots more on thier site)

Not trying to be a nanny here, but if by “Join forces” you mean
split up the cost of a single software license amongst several
please just be aware that that is not a great deal different (if it
is different at all) from somebody copying your jewelry designs,
without compensating you.

I sometimes hate shelling out cash for software, but in the big
picture, it is the way software gets made. If folks can’t make money
doing it, they will all go off and do something else to pay the rent.

Again, just my 2 cents, which after the exchange rate is likely
worth far less…


I finally “bit the bullet” & purchased a POS system about two years
ago. After a fair amount of research I decided on “THE EDGE” by Abbot
Jewelery Systems. It is not a perfect program (and truth be told I
don’t think there is any such thing as a perfect program), but they
are continually improving the program and the tech. support is very
good. Overall I’m happy with the program.

My advise to anyone looking into purchasing a POS program is:

A) Ask for a trial demo program to play around with for a few weeks;
if they don’t offer / allow you to use a trial program skip that
company. If they do send you one, spend at least a few hours actually
using & playing around with it.

B) Price should not be your primary consideration! Make no mistake
about it–putting all your inventory into the system & keeping it up
& running is very time-consuming! You want a program that is easy to
learn (intuitive) & use. Just because a program is in the price range
you’re comfortable with does not mean that it is the best choice.

C) Ask for the names & telephone # of a dozen customers in your
state who are using the program, and then call each one of them & ask
them their opinion! If the company isn’t willing to give you names &
numbers of users, warning bells should start ringing!

D) Do not underestimate the importance of tech. support! If you have
a problem (and you will!) you want to be able to reach someone
virtually immediately! Any company serious about their POS program
should have a dedicated tech. support department. IMHO tech suppport
is perhaps the most important consideration.

My $0.02!


PS: I’ve spoken to several people who’ve had negative experiences
with QUICKBOOKS POS. Bad tech support.


The Edge is indeed one of, if not THE best POS softare available for
jewelers. Additionally, David Geller has created a number of
accounting modules that can be integrated with The Edge to increase
its uitility. It’s simply excellent work that David has done.
Certainly worth a look and a call to David. And Dick Abbott.

Wayne Emery

I highly recommend a JEWELRY SPECIFIC program

I recommend these 2 because they are GREAT for inventory, track
repairs and custom

Also exports to QuickBooks

David Geller

I put in Jewels 2000 in my store about 4 years ago. It does a good
job on tracking inventory (It’s windows based so I can import a
picture for each sku) but the reports aren’t exactly how I’d want.
They can be modified by the company for a fee. There are a lot of
reports, just not always exactly what I need. Like a printout of
what sold from a vendor since a certain date but without the prices.
There is a module in it where you can code your own reports… who has
time though?.. It does a nice job of appraisals as I can import a
picture and drop it right on the appraisal. Customer history is good
too. I dont archive any of the data so I can instantly go back and
see purchases all the way back to when the software was implemented.
It has a built in accounting module which I dont use (I’m on
Quickbooks) but I did get them to customize two reports so I can post
to quickbooks daily (could be weekly or monthly…you choose the
dates). Layaways aren’t wonderful. No good provision for
cancelations. Tech support is good though. I like it the software.
Oh, not to mention barcode tags.

A&M Jewelers