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Pocket Watch Re-Plateing


I would like to rep late an old ‘rose gold’ pocket watches . . . maybe I
concerned about nothing but wanted to insure that the inside of the case to
be replated . . worried about the size of the opening relative to a the
watch mechanism fitting back into the hole plus it is really a waste of

Any ideas . . . could cover the inside with finger nail polish but a pain
to remove after plating … any better material to cover the areas where
plating isn’t wanted?? thanks jim


Hello Jim

I would have thought that it would be best to take the watch movement out
before plating. But if you insist that you want to leave the movement in.
My family use an orange latex which is thinned in Toluene. Then either
left to dry or put in a low oven. Not that they use it for much more than
masking off knife blades. I have used it for decorative effects in
conjunction with guilding metal.

I hope this helps
Brian S. Saynor (BA (Hons)


As a watchmaker…you MUST take the movement out. DO NOT PLATE the
movement and DO NOT COAT with anything. If I was to get a movement in and
it was coated, I would not touch it. Scott Anderson


Scott, Intended to take the movement out . . . but was concerned about
plating the inside of the case. Concerned that the movement wouldn’t fit
after the plating… and wondered if there was some material I could put
in the inside of the case such that plating would not take place without
having to hand ‘paint’ and later remove the nail polish , etc. after
plating . . . and can you plate 14kt filled gold cases? thanks, jim