PnP Paper Supplier

I have been watching the thread on PnP with great interest.

I have made several inquires to see if this paper is available
here in New Zealand but nobody has heard of it.

Could some one on the list please give me the name and the
address of the people who manufacture this product. It must have
a little more than just PnP.

My thanks in advance.

Best wishes to all.
Major Boyce @pyramid

The supplier for PnP paper is:

Technics Inc. 
P.O. Box 463
Ringoes, NJ  08551

(908)788-8249 Orders
(908)788-8837 fax

They carry PnP Blue paper (that’s what we’ve been talking
about), PnP Wet paper, Reversal Film, PC board material and high
speed drill bits. PnP paper is priced: 20 sheets --$30, 40
sheets–$50, 100 sheets–$100.

PnP Blue is manufactured by Techniks, Inc. in Ringoes, New
Jersey. Can’t find their phone number at the moment, but their
web address is:

There is ordering there. (They make a stuff that’s
called PnP Wet, also. This is not what you want. “PnP” stands for

It’s a fun process. Good luck!

Calif No. Coast

It is used in ferric chloride (won’t hold up to nitric acid) and
gives a good, clean etch with no undercutting. You can achieve
a fairly deep etch as well. You photo copy (or use a laser
printer) your original black & white artwork onto the dull side
of the blue ( which is “acetate” backed) and then iron the
printed side on to your copper. Paper is expensive, so I usually
figure out the designs I want to use and fill up the paper -
leave 1/4" blank space around each design. Have fun with it. I
have used up about 30 sheets of the stuff and love it. If you
want any more info on use, just ask.

Donna Wilson in Wyoming