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PnP etching and safety / disposal


Hi, I�m interested in doing some etching, and have run across a
reference to something called the PnP process, which seems as though
it would be a lot less complicated that that traditional
photoetching process. Can anyone tell me where to find out more
about it?

Other questions I have aRe:

How can I do this and traditional etching safely and where can I
find guidelines?

How does a small scale jeweler safely and legally dispose of
chemicals such as these as well as others such as pickle?

Thank you in advance for your help.
Jim Benson



Well I tried PnP Blue last year. I used it with an iron to transfer
the resist on to the metal, but found the process really tricky and
difficult if you are transferring over a large area. I then started
using ‘Lazertran’ which is manufactured in Wales, UK. It’s a
fantastic transfer paper which you put through a colour copier on
the black and white setting, then you soak the paper, apply to the
metal, bake on in the overn, then remove the dec al with turps.
You’re then ready to etch, the toner from the photocopier acts as a
resist! It’s very accurate and I’ve always been pleased with the
results! Although you have to be careful because Strong Nitric Acid
can lift the resist off quite quickly, and so does Ferric soulutions
afer a certa in period of time. If you want any more info, or want
to buy some, check out the lazertran website: , I
can give you some more help at a later stage if neccessary. Rebecca
Gouldson (uk)

Rebecca Gouldson



I have bought it from Thompson Enamel , and
had great success with it. I bought the ferric chloride from radio

Good luck, Margaret