PNP Alternative?

Hi All,

Some time ago someone had posted some about an
alternative to PNP Blue. I’ve been combing old Orchid posts and have
come up empty handed so far. Anyone remember where I might locate
it. It was some type of photoresist you apply with water (maybe)?


Hi Aaron,

Do you mean photopolymer film?


I learned this one a couple of years ago from a student during an
etching class I was teaching.

Copy your designs onto a glossy magazine page (free) using a toner
copier - not inkjet. Make sure you feed the finished edge into the
copier so it grabs and does not jam. Transfer the image to metal with
an iron, hot plate or what ever method you use for PNP Blue. When
transfer is done, quench in cold water and rub the paper away. The
toner will remain. The toner is the etching resist, even with PNP
Blue, the blue film is just a transfer film for the toner. The glossy
magazine surface acts as a transfer film and works perfectly.

And again its free

The product was ImagOn. Nancy Hamilton has a tutorial about using a
similar product called Puretch.

I’ve posted about Imagon film several times. It works great for the
etching I’ve been doing. There are a couple of types of Imagon film
(HD, Ultra, others?) but they’ve all been about the same for my
purposes. It seems to change name slightly every couple of years. It
apply it with a squeege, let it dry, expose with a 300 watt halogen

Here is one of my previous posts about it.

I’d be happy to answer any questions about it.