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PMC Guild UK Symposium


Was: New Members for June 14, 2009

for Elaine Mackenzie

Hi, I am currently a business developer in the Mani/Pedi industry
but am wanting to learn all there is to know about PMC and silver
clay with a view to eventually (hopefully) make a living from it.
I would also like to know if this is possible at this stage. I live
in a small town in ESSEX, England and look forward to a rewarding
hobby and hopefully career change. I am looking also for books,
classes etc. 

The PMC Guild UK are holding a Symposium in Bristol on August 8/9 -
it is reasonably affordable and has an interesting programme. see
their website

Also see the Association for Contemporary Jewellery(ACJ) - there is
a Cambridge group which is not too far from you.

Contact me off forum if you want further details