PMC firing time?

Hi all Ok i know you have to let it dry first before firing but do
you use all 3 temp and times for firing or just one of the times and

thank you
guy r
staten island ny

You will not ruin a piece if you bring it or hold it at the highest
temperature (assuming it doesn’t contain material that will be
ruined there such as sterling or stones. Do not exceed the highest
temperature allowed. However, you may use a faster time at the
higher setting or a slower time at a lower setting. I am told that
it does not affect porosity when fired at a lower temperature but
there have been threads that have questioned that finding.

Eve Welts
Certified PMC Instructor

You just pick one firing time. You do have a choice though. You don’t
say which version of PMC you’re using. If it is PMC+ your choices

1470 for 30 minutes
1650 for two hours

and there’s a lower temperature, but I don’t remember it, because I
never use it.

It’s one or the other.

Check your clay package, there’s a little piece of paper in there
that lists your choices.

Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
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