Plum Platinum Solders

Dear Friends and those who work Platinum alloys,

I have tried the relatively new “plumb” platinum solders by Precious
Metals West. The first couple of tries told me I was using too much
solder but not it is a breeze! All the regular plat. solders(
surprise…often with little if any plat. content?) are now for
almost a giveaway in my shop…I will not use them again. This new
stuff contains platinum in 90% to I think 95% content, though it
might be just 92.5%. The highest melt is 1500c.(a piece of cake!).
There is NO demarcation line, no seam polish out. Yes, at about
$56us per dwt it cost a bit more than regular plat solders but to me
has made the others obsolete.

This is NOT an ad for PMW. This is simply good news for the platinum
worker who has not tried these solders. Of course, when I can weld
with platinum that is what is done. Otherwise, I have found the
"plumb" platinum solders to be great. The really neat thing is that
the really big boys in the business did not introduce this product:
A smaller, innovative company did that. My hat is off to them.

Have you used the solders? If so, please let me know your
impressions of performance. I can provide from my personal use
experience if you have problems.

Thanks, God Bless.