Plique a Jour

I am looking for on various techniques for plique a

I found an article from 1992 in Enameling on Metal, about Valery
Timofeev’s technique; I was also in touch with one of his students,
Diane Almeyda. She says she uses a different technique but didn’t
provide details…

so, I’m wondering if anyone at Orchid can provide me with some
precise instructions for assembling & soldering plique a jour
wires… I purchased a small stainless steel cup to use as a mold,
and I have ordered plique a jour wires in two sizes - heavy wires for
the larger structural ‘ribs’ and thinner wire for the smaller cells.
I’ve also done a lot of soldering, so I should be able to manage the
soldering; but I’m just not clear about the best approach. do you
form the wires flat and then fit them on the cup/mold? do you fit the
wires around the cup/mold and actuallly solder them there?

anyway, any info/advice would be greatly appreciated!

many thanks,
tereze gluck

form and fit the wires to the cup otherwise they will not sit up
straight when bent, only use IT solder and quench and pickle after
soldering to clean up the fines you could get in touch off line if you
wish Anna-Margot

The cover for the December issue of Lapidary Journal is
plique-a-jour enameling, (which they’re calling “stained glass
enameling” on the cover) and it includes a step-by-step project by
Diane Almeyda to make a pendant in silver, using this method. Perhaps
the workshop article would supply some of the you are
looking for.

(LJ is available at Barnes & Noble and many other newsstands. Also
by subscription at

Suzanne Wade
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I took Valerie’s course also and use his technique. I teach it and
I live in Atlanta, GA.

Please contact me privately for more on this technique
since it is very time consuming. Diane explains it very well in the
current issue of lapidary journal.

Jennifer Friedman
or by phone 770-494-5843 (work)
home: 770-730-9123

Hello Tereze.

Diane Almeyda is featured in the just-out December issue of Lapidary
Journal. Her step-by-step project in the issue is for pierced metal
sheet but there is some description of the Russian wire technique in
the article as well as on her website:

Pam Chott
Song of the Phoenix

Glass on Metal site has an article about Valeri Timofeev’s

Fay Rooke is also an expert in Plique; she saws out the openings in
her pieces (preshaped fine silver or copper), or etches away the
inside copper form after enameling the outside which has the fine
silver wires embedded into the enamel. (Will send one of her pliques
direct by attachment.)

Louise @lgillin1

Tereze, that article has all the you are asking for
already laid out in great detail - it’s an excellent piece of
instructional writing and along with the illustrations that go with
it, tells you all you need to know. It’s also on line at:

good luck with it!
Allan Heywood

Hi Tereze, I’ve seen several articles about various Plique a jour
techniques, out on the web, here are a few links. I hope they may be
of some use.

Archived Articles in eNAMEL Online Newsletter on Plique a jour
1_in trotoenamel_plique-a-jour_1.html
e_Al meyda_1.html

“Useful Stuff” is a List of Articles in the eNAMEL N/L about
enameling info. out on the web. This list has several links about
Plique a jour:

Best Regards
S. Scalise

Just to let you know there is a new book from England, “Enameling on
Precious Metals” by Jeanne Werge-Hartley. ISBN 1 86126 506 9. This
is a fantastic book on enameling and it has a full chapter covering
different ways to do Plique a Jour.

I have it in stock, it is $45.00. Contact me off line if you are
interested. May you always enamel with passion in your heart

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