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Plique a jour instructor

If you get the chance, I highly recommend taking a plique a jour
workshop from Diane Almeyda.

I started enameling in the 70’s, cloisonne, but shied away from the
"dreaded" plique a jour. A few years ago our Guild [Enamel Guild
West] brought Diane in for a workshop. Her organization was detailed
and her approach was thoughtful and efficient. The enameling
background of the class went from decades to one student that had
never enameled before. With Diane’s instruction, all produced
extremely sucessful projects during the class.

Diane has an inspiring website…
or you can find her through Google.

Orchid Rules…Karla from sunny Southern California

I want to thank everyone… Your input regarding kilns and classes
have been extremely helpful… and especially to Ganoksin who has
made this communication possible