Can anyone suggest to me what is the best plier to use to make eye
pins? Where can I find a good supply of silver wire to make the eye
pins? Thanks, Dolphin

Dolphin, I like Hauser and Miller for almost all of my metal needs.
I am not at home currently but if you check the archives i think the
number is listed there. I like to use linstrom pliers curved chain
nose and round nose they are expensive but they work the best. I
have tried multiple brands. I have another round nose pliers that I
bought at my local bead shop, it is made in Germany and is a close
second to my lindstrom round nose, I have no clue to its brand. The
other thing you may want to explore is what is your time worth to
you. I find prefabricated head and eye pins work well for me. I
made my own for a while but the time savings in using a ready to go
eye/head pin is worth the extra cost. Metalliferous in NYC has
excellent quality eye/head pins in the gage I like to work in.
Another nice reference is the video and book by Kate Drew Wilkenson
Basic wire work for bead jewelry, even if you have bead working for a
while there are techniques and suggestions to help in making ones
work look more professional and finished. Usual disclaimer applies
hereā€¦just an extraordinarily satisfied user.