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Pliers or Jigs to ease Cutting open Molds


Looking for a lead to find pliers or jigs to assist in cutting open molds. There is a video on youtube with some fancy pliers with three prongs and a locking mechanism. He refers to a jeweller who had them but I have been unable to locate them through a search. Anyone have any idea where I might find a handy tool?


Do you have a mold-cutting hook?
What is that, you ask? A small pointed, but not too sharp, down-curving hook which can attach to the front edge of the bench. As you cut the mold the hook holds open the cut so you can reach deeper into the mold. One way to make such a hook is to drive a heavy nail into the end of an old bench pin then clip off the head. Then you just swap out your regular pin for the hook whenever you are cutting a mold.mold cutting bench hook

I like the bench pin hook. I use a mini long nose vise grip pliers held with a vise. See pics.