Plexiglass discs: supplier?

Hello Orchidians! Again, thanks so much to the many list members who
have answered my past questions both to the group and privately; I
think I’d have torn my hair out by now if it wasn’t for your
collective wisdom and goodwill. :slight_smile:

But onto the matter at hand. I’m hoping someone can direct me to a
good supplier of pre-cut plexi discs. I’m looking for clear discs
that have sharp (i.e. laser cut) rather than sloped edges (i.e.
tumble polished), with diameters from about .5" to around 1.25". Tap
Plastics will do this as a custom order with a minimum of 100 @ .60
each…yikes! I only need about 10 to start out with, although I
could buy a few more than that to meet a minimum…but not 90 more.
I know that I can use my saw, but would like to avoid doing so if at
all possible.

Anyone? Thank you!

-Jessica, back in SF today, but fresh from a wonderful weekend of
sitting in a hammock in the woods next to a babbling stream. Aah,

Hello Jessica, The following places should be able to help you.

Industrial Plastic, located at 309 Canal Street (corner of Mercer
and Canal). in NYC Their phone number is (212) 2262010

Plastic Land located at 357 Canal Street in NYC (212)925 6376

Plastic Paradise located at 325 Canal (212) 925 6782.

Complete Plastic Distributor in Elmwwod Park, NJ (201) 7978400.

The plexiglass locations on Canal Street are known to have good

Diane Sadel

Canal Plastics on Canal Street in New York City may have what you’re
looking for. They may have a website and I’m sure they’re listed in
the phone directory. They have a huge assortment of precut shapes
in clear as well as sheet, rods, etc., etc.

Good luck.
Nina Leto
Lenina Hand-Crafted Jewelry