Please Vote etc

Keep it as it is. BUT let’s all use a little sense when we respond. We don’t
need to see ‘Tom said’, ‘Dick said’, ‘Harry said’. If we’ve been following the
thread we already know, if you’re new to the thread, not knowing, is the price
of admission (bg).

Edit your response! Talk 'NET".

An incentive to keeping it short could be filling up the offender’s mail box
with the extraneous stuff. His internet address can usually be found somewhere
in the header info. Send it back to him by direct E-mail, not via gemnet-L!

All complaints aside, I enjoy this list a lot. Were else can you talk shop with
such a knowledgeble group, from all over the world yet!!!

Today there were 60 msgs in my mail, 30 had to do with this question!