Platinum wire hardness

Hello All,
Can anyone tell me what Stuller’s platinum wire “temper” values might equal? In order, on their dropdown, they offer seven hardnesses- 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, “extra hard”, “full hard”, “hard” and “spring hard”. The first three are self-explanatory, the order of the last four not so much. I called Sales and they didn’t have an answer. Waiting to see if I get a call back from someone there who does.
Thanks in advance!

Just heard back from Stuller. Though they weren’t able to give me any actual values, order of hardness for them is Hard, Full Hard, Extra Hard, then Spring Hard (they actually said they can make an Extra Spring Hard if requested).

try asking to speak to someone in their metals dept…i used to spesk with Sean/shawn/shaun he was highly educated in metalurgy…


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