Platinum welding

Platinum welding microscope filter

I use the cartridge from a Miller Elite Welding Helmet.

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@JimGrahlDesign will have relevant experience, I am sure…

Hi Seth,
I need to write to the lady poster who asked for help with the loss of her emerald cut platinum engagement ring stone.
I posted a request for her on our forum, asking her to write me an email.
how can I write to her, as I dont have her email address? Help!

Hi Ted - you can respond to her thread on Orchid, or private message her here on orchid!


I don’t use a scope , but I do use several different auto darkening filters from welding helmets.
I didn’t get the context of the thread though, I might be able to help if I have a better sense of the issue.

hi to all.

regarding the following technical situation, what they say platinum welders with darkening filters ?

i need to my bench stereo microscope weld magnification 10x
for two different applications.
first use for micro welding tig arc under argon gas, example PUK U5
optional, adaptable and removable, quality darkening glass filter, possible from helmet.
may be with or without “optical connection cable” to central unit for momentarily blackout sensor to arc.

Technical data: welding & eye protection system

lampert puk 5 mezzo microscope eye protection features
magnification 10x
switching time < 50 ms
UV protection > UV11
IR protection > IR11

the SM5 lampert microscope, sold with the welding unit the eye protection system is built-in, non-removable.
can not be used for another application.

with same microscope second use for hand engraving, magnifies up to 22.5x
will this technics effect work ?

thanks your comments and your time !