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Platinum torch and alloy

Hello everyone,

I have three questions about platinum casting,

  1. which is a good torch propane oxygen and good tip for melt?

  2. I have no access to ruthenium and iridium, which another metal
    can be used, as gold, palladium, copper, etc., which is a white color
    and acceptable hardness?

  3. I will use a vertical centrifuge, I have to use some flux, borax
    or similar to the crucible?

Best regards

Hello Pablo,

Whatever your choice will be: for melting Pt your torch must
definitely provide you with power. What is better than power? More

1 for flame melting metal in bench jeweler’s scale there are three
options for a torch(tip):

a Standard torch tips with a single hole, commonly used for welding.
These use to focus to a point and bear the risk of partially
overheating the metal due to the lack of complete coverage.

b Torch tips with multiple holes, commonly referenced to as
’rosebud’. These produce a wide spread, bushy flame which covers the
entire metal surface and beyond. These will work for a uniform
heating and melting of metals with low melting point like silver and
gold. There is a loss of energy by the fraction of the flame beyond
the borders of the crucible - not good for platinum.

c Finally there are torches which form a straight beam of flame
which is due to a particular design of slits in the tip. These
provide a complete coverage of the metal surface with a minimum waste
of energy to the surroundings of the crucible (besides radiation).
For details see these

We offer these in different power ranges through your favorite
suppliers (e. g. Stuller, Rio Grande, Otto Frei and Gesswein).

2 Answers to the questions you pose here you’ll get from the
Technical Advisor at the Platinum Guild International:

or (some of) your precious metal suppliers.

3 besides its use as precious metal for jewelry, platinum is
considered as catalyst for some chemical processes. It is known that
any kind of additive will most likely alter or destroy the (wanted)
properties of your platinum alloy.

You may want to consider some safety issues with the casting machine
you intend to use. There are many places with a more or less uniform
distribution of metal drops caused by spilled metal out of open
centrifugal casting machines. You might want to consider centrifugal
casting machines with a cabinet. We offer a centrifugal casting
machine with a self-contained housing - its operation is shown at:

We have proven its safety and efficiency with Pt together with the
former technical advisor of Platinum Guild International USA, Juergen
Maerz at the Kraftwerks workshops of Precious Metals West and at some
Stuller workshops, just to name a few.

You and all Orchidians are cordially invited to visit our booth,
pose questions and touch our products at the upcoming JCK Las Vegas
event, booth #B66069. We might have some special offers for
Orchidians, too :wink:

Sandor Cser

Tom, Sandor

Thank you very much for the suggestions.

Best regards