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Platinum soldering

When resizing a platinum ring that has non-removable stones (channel
set diamonds in this case) will the soldering temperature needed for
platinum soldering be too high for the stones? If so, what is the
recommended solder?

Also, same question concerning mounting a new center crown in between
the non removable stones.

Thank you

Marta Irvin

Dear Marta, You will burn the stones if you use platinum solder. I
use 20KWhite Hard solder to solder platinum when there are diamonds
involved. Of course you have to clean the ring really good before you
put a torch to it. A solution of Red Devil Lye found in most grocery
stores in the draino section is what I use. Be very careful not to
breath any of the vapors or dust because it will give your nose a
chemical burn like you wouldn’t believe. I bought a special type of
gasmask from Grainger to protect myself. The only problem is cleanup.
It has a tendency to undercut when polishing so I finish the area with
a couple of different rubber wheels. I go from a #6 file to a 220
rubber wheel to 400 rubber wheel to a 600 rubber wheel. That should
make it shiny enough to just go over the area lightly
with green rough. Good luck, Johnny I

Hey Marta, I am pretty new at working with Platinum, using it by
trial and error. I did just take a Platinum workshop last week. The
temperature for soldering Platinum is way too hot for the diamonds to
withstand. They will burn. It isn’t a fun thing to have mess up.
Anyway, my instructor said that when diamonds are involved to use the
"gold technique". try using an 18k white gold solder. I think you
will have to deal with an off-color solder seam, but that is better
than opaque diamonds.

hope this helps.

Tavia Fromm

Hello Martha: The best way to size a platinum ring so that you don’t
get a weaker joint or a solder line due to using white gold solder is
to hold the heat sensitive parts underwater and use 1700 platinum
solder. The following web site is one I made that explains just how
to do it.

As far as soldering a head on a platinum ring with stones in place, I
use 18K white HARD solder.

Michael R. Mathews Sr.
Victoria, Texas USA