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Platinum Sizing setup?

Since Platinum melts at a higher temp, what kind of gas do most of you
use with your oxygen and what kind of torch set up? Alot of newer Plat.
designs have 18K and channel set diamonds and have to be under water with
the part you are soldering above, using seamless solder that has a melting
point at aprx. 1700 degree… is that correct or is there some other way
to size Plat. without leaving a seamline? Thanks…

Hi, the best way of “soldering”, plat. is to use a piece of flattened out
plat. cut a small piece after you’ve flattened it out and add it to the
seam like solder, if it’s done right it shouldn’t show any seams since its
basically the same metal…

Matt the Cat :slight_smile:

You may want to use a three square file and file along the seam before you
weld. This will make it possible for the molten platinum to then fill the
groove, guaranteeing a weld all the way through. By just inserting a thin
piece of Pt into the seam and weld, it is possible that the weld is just a
surface weld, and will break when you hammer or stretch the ring.

Have a platinum day
Jurgen J. Maerz
Manager of Technical Education
JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler

hi goldsmith,

i use a propane and oxy setup, but know that hydrogen/oxy is best for
torch soldering. with small torch tips, the flame is invisible with
hydrogen and takes some getting used to. as for protecting diamonds from
getting burnt during sizing a plat ring, protect them as on usually would
with boric acid, but keep your join away from the boric. if you are
soldering closer than 12mm, a heat sink is strongly reccommended. welding
instead of soldering has been suggested to you, and welding is a great way
to go. alan revere describes reshanking a platinum ring in a not so recent
issue of jck. pgi is a great source of info for this kind of stuff too.

best regards,

geo fox