Platinum Silver Alloy info

Hi Guys Just wondering if anyone out here has played with this stuff
yet? Have they got the solders done? How does it look? Any info
would be great.


Hi Guys Just wondering if anyone out here has played with this
stuff yet? Have they got the solders done? How does it look? Any
info would be great. 


I spoke to the people who sell the platinum enhanced silver at the
Tucson show. I think their attitude is correct when they don’t
compare it to standard sterling silver. At $60 an ounce (the price
quoted at the show) it really isn’t in the same class as sterling.

The question I would pose is whether one could produce a line of
jewelry that could support the price. In the case, a standard
sterling item would look the same as the platinum enhanced example,
at least for the first 3 months. Would the average consumer be able
to wrap their head around the need for the extra cost? With
flatware or hollowware I can see the marketability because anyone
whose owned silver knows the hassle of polishing.

I’m going to give it a try, just because I’m a geek for this kind of
thing. I’ll be able to compare it to the Argentium silver I bought
a while back too. The thing I’m interested in is finding out
whether the platinum enhanced solders will work on the Argentium.
Once I do some testing I’ll let you know.

They do have platinum enhanced solders too. But as far as I
remember only in medium and soft.

Even more interesting to me is the new platinum enhanced 14 and 18
kt gold. I really like the greener golds, but even fabricating
doesn’t harden standard green gold enough to make it suitable for a
lot of applications. The platinum enhanced metal seemed much
stiffer, though I’d really need to play with it to accurately
compare the two. But it seems promising and the price difference
between standard green gold or the more European color and platinum
enhanced isn’t as great as standard sterling and platinum enhanced

Larry Seiger

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This is not entirely new, but I just heard about it yesterday – the
new Platinum Sterling. Has anybody tried it? It seems pretty

Below are some links, for those who, like me, missed it the first
time around.

This one shows rolling out a billet to .15 mm thick without

Contact Info for Buying & Questions: This is a patent pending product
and owned exclusively by ABI.

Contact them at:
Marc “Doc” Robinson
Technical Director
ABI Precious Metals
Box 11509
Carson, CA 90749
310-768-1566 Fax

Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
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Hello Larry I see you stated that you are a fan of the “greener” golds, I absolutely love green gold myself & actually just got done makin a whoppin 7 grams of my own 18k Green Gold using the 75% 24k with 25% pure 999 silver recipe & I am definitely quite impressed with the result . . I’m wondering if you might possibly know if there is infact any other recipes for Green Gold to get a deeper or darker color of green ??? Is that even a realistic possibility for that matter ??? ThankYou in advance & have a great rest of your day
Steven …

Oohhhh WoW, don’t I look intelligent now sending a reply to what I didn’t realize was infact almost 20 year old message LoL !!!


Don’t worry, it happens to all of us…Rob

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ThankYou Rob, I truly believed I was gonna be “put thru the ringer” for that one LoL . . Out of curiosity would you happen to have any ideas you’d be willing to help me out W/ on Red Gold, well making it ??? I actually just made some 18k Green Gold myself not to long ago which I think came out absolutely beautiful, I used only 24k & 999 Silver being that it was infact my first ever attempt for anything like I was a bit proud of the end result but I’m not sure if I’m definitely not so confident about my luck tryin to make Red Gold mainly due to most of the info I have been reading for RedGold “recipes” seem a bit to “Conflicting” there’s one for a dark red which is to use 75% Gold W/ the other 25% being just pure copper but I’ve also seen comments saying that using just Gold & copper would most likely create a difficult to work alloy that is extremely brittle . . All of this is 100% BrandNew for me so needless to say I’m definitely nowhere near capable of knowin how to correct any major mistakes so I’m trying to avoid making any more of them than I’ve unfortunately already made if that’s even an actual try possibility for that matter LoL . . Thanks again & in advance for any advice/ideas you might have or be willing to share !!!

At the factory we manufactured “The three colors of Love” after we lost a lawsuit from “Black Hills Gold” manufacturers in South Dakota which didn’t allow us to call it “Black Hills Gold”. Basically 10K yellow “frames” with pink and green 10K “leaves”. The manufacturers in South Dakota die struck all their leaves - our factory didn’t have that capability for die striking so we cast the leaves at almost the same cost as die striking. The first sample run we made all the 10K pink leaves just crumbled! So I said “let’s try 12K pink” it worked! Sorry for the long winded preface but the point of my story is very little changes in the pink gold had a profound effect on the finished product!
BTW - we tack welded all the components, put paste solder at the joints and ran them through a 21’ S&M “ humpback hydrogen oven and they all came out perfectly soldered!

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