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Platinum ring

I am making a ring in platinum requirng multiple soldering and was
wanting to know is there a way to solder platinum other than by first
putting all the pieces together in wax , platering them with palster
of paris , due to the high tempretaures , the plaster melts away
causing the pcs to move , also since it is an intricate rings wtha
bit of filigree, soldering the pcs holding them in tweezers is

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Pragnesh Zaveri

What exactly are you assembling in order to fabricate this ring?

There are many ways to go about it, depending on what you are doing
since there are different temperature solders for platinum, just like
there are for silver and gold. You could fuse the platinum together,
(very tricky if you have never done it before) best used for sizing a
ring with NO stones and a tight fit is a must, then there is 1600,
1500, 1400. All will melt at different temperatures, kind of like
hard, medium, and soft. But be sure if you use any of these methods
that there are NO stones in the ring and use ONLY platinum
crosslocking tweezers, files, soldering pad, and goggles etc. if you
don’t and the platinum gets contaminated it could effect the outcome
of the ring. Good luck, Laurie

Hi, I would like to add something here. The new platinum solders
produced to PM West in Los Angeles, are plumb platinum, and are a
miracle for platinum workers. I have been able to fabricate platinum
rings that I previously had to cast. The solder will not draw out in
seams, and is an almost perfect color match. Plus they flow nearly
perfectly, unlike the silver/palladium contaminating solders used by
most for platinum soldering/welding. I have nothing to do with PM
West, but these new solders are a Godsend!!!

Jeffrey Everett