Platinum ring and keeping it "nice"

Hello All,

I have platinum wedding rings, and they sure don’t look like they did
when they were new. The lack of a polished surface lends to a more
muted grey appearance than a whitish one. It actually makes the
diamonds look darker, even when cleaned.

Aside from having to relinquish it to a jeweler (we have none in my
area anyway) is there anything those of us who have rings we wear
daily can do to try and keep them nice? It sort of fits in with
cleaning after a polishing thread, as I know that ultimately I will
need to somehow find a jeweler - tho it appears I will have to mail
them somewhere which I am not thrilled about. I have no real tools or
metalsmithing skills, only a bit of experience cleaning up vintage
jewelry - hand polishing, ultrasonic cleaning, simichrome, light
sanding, toothbrushes, simple green. Have used a nail buffer on
some metals with great success, but this has a lot of recessed areas,
and I’m not sure it would improve things. Was hoping there was
something I might do by hand to bring back the luster of the
platinum, even just a bit.

Oh - the engagement ring is a 3 stone “Bostonian” style, with a sort
of deep grooved area around the sides, and the band is wide with
small recessed diamonds.

Would appreciate any ideas, for one in a very rural area with a
penchant for the home remedies and making dyes from plants and that
sort of lifestyle. If you tell me something like washing soda and
coffee beans would do it, I’d be thrilled :o)

Mary Beth