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Platinum Problem

Terry, Parresol it is best to fuse the sizing rather than
welding. The slight difference could be the two metals may be of
different alloys. Was the ring 90% or 95% plat. sizing stock is
useally 10% iridium plat and many companies are using 95% cobalt
plat for ring and findings . if you do not specify the alloy the
just assum and send it. What was the temp of the solder that you
were using? the plat solders come in many tempertures and for
sizing you must use the highest grade, the temp is in centigrade
1700 is best for seamless sizing. always burnish the sizing
prior to polishing. if you are going to fuse always use the same
alloy of metal you are working on, take some of the parent metal
and mill it out as thin as possible and slide it between the
sizing stock and ring. it should sick out about .5mm to 1mm more
than the ring itself and them fuse. if there are stones submerge
the stones under water to protect them form burning. i suggest
contacting the Platinum Guild and asking Jurgen the technical
advisor to send you some plat info and do some reading the
papers are a great source of from some of the most
respected people in the industry. Plat hot line # is
949-760-8882 Ej

Thank you Ed I encourage all to use the service Platinum Guild
offers for technical help. So do not hesitate to call on us

Jurgen J. Maerz (949)760-8279