Platinum Plumb Solder


New to this community. Anyone have any tips for success with Platinum Plumb Solder? Currently have the Easy and the Hard from Stuller.

Issues with successful ‘flow’ (platinum, lol) around shank head into pinch shank. Tight fit. Pickling both items, then ultrasonic and steam. Denatured alcohol to the solder chips. Placing assembly head down on ceramic block. Using Little Torch on propane and oxygen, #6 tip with sharp oxidizing flame, hissing and touching tip of cone to solder and seam junction. Platinum reaching white hot and still solder seems sludgy and “crumbly”. And this is Easy flow , melting at 2370 and ‘flowing’ at 2470, similar to 1300 repair sheet. But with 90% more platinum content.

Any advice is appreciated.

The tip of the inner blue flame is the tip of the coolest part of the flame. Never touch the it to the piece you’re trying to solder. It’s cooler because of unburned gas which you don’t want with platinum especially. That’s why those that use oxy/acetylene use a hot oxidizing flame.

Never use any flux or barrier flux on platinum - or platinum solder!

Pickle and make sure it’s clean and try again! Good luck!

I thought the tip of the inner “cone” or flame is the hottest in an oxidizing flame?