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Platinum mining

Platinum mining is not a byproduct of gold mining. It is found as a
deposit on its own. In terms of mining processes, underground
mining, whether gold, platinum or diamond, is very similar. In all
cases, once the mining goes underground, shafts are sunk and then
tunnels are constructed that follow the seam of the mineral being
mined. Deep, narrow holes are drilled into the rock, sticks of
dynamite are placed in the holes; the sticks are linked with wire.
After the mine is cleared of all workers, the blast is set off and
tons of ore are blasted loose. When the dust settles, literally,
the next shift of workers descends and loads up the ore which is
sent to the surface where the recovery process begins.

Just thought you’d like to know from someone who has been
underground at diamond, platinum and gold mines in South Africa.

Ettagale Blauer