Platinum Flush Setting

hey guys *n gals When you are doing some gypsy or flush setting,
please do not use the recipricating hammer. The downward pressure of
the ‘hammer’ will leave deep marks in the Platinum around the diamond
or the stone. So what do you do in this case? I use a brass, small
"pusher" and bit by bit push the metal over and down on the stone all
that is going to hold the stone into the metal. its a slower
procedure, BUT the results are that you won’t have to file away too
much metal, to get the surface clean of marks. I just use a pumice
wheel and voila! its clean and maximum of metal is still holding the
stone. and its faster in this case! I am very sure that many Platinum
setters use this method, I hope!..:>) Platinum is a softer material
and hence, easier to form!..gerry, the cyber-setter!

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