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Platinum Class


Hi everyone. My name is Kirsten Rabon from Concord, NC. I’ve
been making jewelry for aprox. 10 years. I just signed up last
night and could not wait to tell you all about a class I just
took. I wanted everyone that has questions about platinum to
know about this class. It was in Va. Beach, given by Blaine
Lewis. It is called the New Approach School. He answered every
question I had, and believe me, I had a lot. I have taken other
platinum classes before and learned some things but this class
was terrific! In the other classes, I was not allowed to keep
what I worked on, but in Blaines class, I made a beautiful 3
stone ring (not the norm) and was able to keep it. The day I
got back from the class, I commissioned 2 Plat/18K rings from my
sample ring. This more than paid for my class. I am a happy