Platinum casting

what is the “best” investment brand, or mixture for casting platinum? @ingot
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Hi, my name is Duane Baysinger. I would like to know if you can
recommend a book that covers the technical aspects of casting

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Hi, my name is Duane Baysinger. I would like to know if you can
recommend a book that covers the technical aspects of casting
platinum? hi duane, the platinum guild puts out a lot of info,
jueurgen maerz may direct you better than i.

i peeked into the platinum class at revere academy, read the
investing instructions for platinum investment… voila, i can
cast platinum. there is a small snippet in murray bovins book,
centrifigul casting for schools, tradesmen and craftsman.

don’t think there is a book dedicated to platinum casting.
anyone else?

best regards,

geo fox

Duane, and George,

Johnson Matthey puts out “an introduction to platinum” “box” of
helpful on this subject, as well as finishing,
alloys, melting, setting, combining, stamping and handworking.
It is free in the trade, but you have to send away for it. Like
to the UK. Here’s the address: Johnson Matthey, New Garden
House, 78 Hatton garden, London EC1N 8JP, England. The Phone is
011-071-269-8000 or you can fax them at 011-071-269-8133. Hope
this will help you all out. It definately is a very good
reference manual. I refer to it all the time.

Barry Hansen
Hansen Designs

Hi Duane,

There really aren’t any books that address castingPlatinum in
particular. You may fax a request for the “Platinum Papers 1 and
2” as well as "Retail Tech Tips"and our Platinum Tip
sheets.(714)760-8780 is the fax # . Do use your company letter
head. All that will give you a better look at what Platinum
casting is all about. With the exception of the investment
make-up and the higher temperature, it is not really all that
different from any other “lost wax” casting.

You may also call James Marker at the GIA Library. He may be
able to recommend some additional literature. (800) 421-7250 Hope
that helps.

Have a platinum day
Jurgen J. Maerz, Mgr of Technical Education

We will be upgrading our casting equipment to cast our own platinum.
We currently do a lot of fabrication with platinum, but send out our
castings. I would be interested in knowing if anyone on the list does
their own platinum casting and wich investment they use, and why, wich
alloy, wich torch tip, flask, etc. Our current casting machine is
suitable for platinum, as per the manufacturer, but I have read that a
vertical centrifuge is preferable, and ours is horizontal. Does it
really make a difference? The equipment suppliers all assure us that
their product is superior, but I would appreciate the opinions of
anyone who has actually used this stuff. We have a jeweler on staff
who has cast platinum, but it has been several years since he has done
it, and it seems to me that many advancements have been made in
working with this metal. Thanks, Marggi

I just got on of those Neycraft/ Degusa horizontal enclosed casting
machi ne. It works great for platinum, gold siver, stainless steel,
bronze , yo u name it. The machine costs about $4000 from Gesswein or
Rio Grande. In do like it better than the vertical machines. They
scare me. While you are at it you should try the new quick setting
investments that are available through Precious Metals West. Jurgen
Maertz at the Platinu m Guild has a lot of Also back
issues of AJM cover the subje ct very well Good Luck,