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Platinum casting machine

We have a small workshop with around 15-20 people doing some fairly
decent stuff in 18kt casted and hand made jewellery. We also make
platinum jewellery by hand . We want to buy a small or medium size
platinum casting machine . Can one use a neycraft type centrifugal
machine or do we need a vertical spinning machine.Would appreciate
any suggestions for the same or any other machine Thank you

A Neycraft wouldn’t work for platinum. You really need a super fast
whip so you’d be much better off with a vertical centrifugal caster.
Might also look into hydrogen/oxy torch.

Good luck,
Donna Shimazu

For what its worth I have a friend that casts lots of platinum with a
Neycraft centrifuge and an oxy propane torch and it work fine for
him. This is also how they teach platinum casting at the Revere
Academy so it is possible.

James Binnion Metal Arts
4701 San Leandro St #18
Oakland, CA 94601

I have used a Neycraft casting machine to get satisfactory platinum
castings, but it realy is not safe enough for me. The sheild travels
around with the flask at the same speed , so if there was a spill it
would all go on and maybe through the sheild in one spot. ney has
teamed up with Degussa to offer a great compact horizontal electric
casting machine. Gesswein and Rio offer the machine for about $4700. I
have been using this machine with the new high heat dental
investments that set up and burn out in 2 hours. We do all alloys of
gold and several alloys of platinum with great success.

Etienne Perret

Late last spring our University jewelry shop replaced a broken arm
machine with a platinum vertical spinner No comparison between
systems, the vertical caster is easier and virtually flawless casts
(all other factors going well). As I’ll soon be equipping my own
shop, I’d love to be able to afford the vertical spinners. As I
understand it the difference in the machines is the spring systems,
the horizontal watch spring units take 1 to 11/2 revolutions to get to
full speed, the Vertical units use 4 large extension springs that
develop full in less than 1/3 of a revolution (needed for platinum’s
rapid cool off! Also the vertical casters are easier to balance and
the system runs so smoothly and quietly (almost spooky) :-). Except
for the price, the vertical casters are the dream system! IMHO.


Hi Jim, I would be curious to know what kind of torch, the
propane pounds of pressure and the oxygen setting as well when
casting platinum with the Neycraft centifugal casting machine.

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