Platinum caster in texas

I am looking for someone to do my platinum castings here in Texas. I
thought someone posted a caster recently but couldn’t find anythin
in the archive. Anyone know of a good quality caster that will
handle small quantity castings here in Texas? Frank Goss

Frank - try Tim at Investicast…he is in a suburb of Dallas Great
work, friendly personnel.

Investicast, Inc
3207 Sky Lane Drive #103
Carrollton, TX  75006

Attn:  Robin Buck
(972) 248-7250 Tele
(972) 248-8315 Fax

Sandy Moon
Houston TX

Hi Sandy

I am in also Houston . I send my waxes to be cast in Platinum to:

Pollack Laboratory
4367 Clayton Ave
Los Angeles, Ca 90027
800 995 0470

Talk to Alex His quality is great.

If he gets your wax in the morning he will generally cast it that
day and send it back to you the next. He even sends you a Pre paid
priority mail label with your casting.

Good Luck
Jeff Dunnington

Thanks to everyone who sent me referrals of Platinum casters. I
have a wax to ship out Monday now all I have to do is decide who to
use… Can one have too much ?? Thanks again to Orchid
for sharing . Frank Goss