Plating services

Hi all, I have a project doing some earring and necklace sets for
my sister and her bridesmaids for her upcoming wedding in April.
She has chosen some designs of mine that she likes. Most of my
work is currently in fine silver and sterling. We are talking
about using gold for this project and I want to investigate
possibly gold plating these designs for the purpose of saving
money. I have not plated my designs but fabricated pieces for a
designer I used to work for that were gold plated. So I have
minimal experience with the prep work for plating. I believe the
company my former employer used was Red Sky?

Could anyone advise me on preperation for this process and
reccomend a company they like? This will be a small run of maybe
6 or 7 sets of earrings and necklaces. My previous experience
involved fabricating designs in brass that were plated. I am
considering doing these in silver to be then gold plated. If the
plating was 24kt wouldn’t that be considered vermiel? Or maybe a
different karat would be more appropriate. I remember the pieces
had to be super clean and we slightly roughed the surface with a
scotch brite to give a tooth to the surface for the plating to
grab onto better. Thank you for all your shared knowledge and
wisdom!-Carrie Nunes @tnunes