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Plating results in dull color

My friend uses Midas heavy-deposition bright acid 24KY gold solution

and is having problems.

I told her I’d put her questions up on the Orchid:

I’ve only used the solution 3 times (about 30 pieces of jewelry). The
first two times, it plated beautifully and the last, I’m getting a
thin dull color. It does plate but after tumbling, looks more like
14k than the 24. how long should this solution last? I’m using it on
20g wire (handmade chain approx. 20" long) with a medium sized bezel.
It’s not like this jewelry is big or anything! Sounds to me like the
solution is just bad but I’d like to hear what they think.
Thanks for your help!

What kind of anode are you using?

How many volts and amps are you using and at what temperature are
you plating?

Have you tried to rub the pieces with some baking soda and your
finger after plating?

Have you tried a cyanide based solution?
Jo Haemer

What kind of anode are you using? 

the anode is 24k

How many volts and amps are you using and at what temperature are
you plating? 

volts are approx 3

temp is hot- about 110 degrees or a little hotter

i have tried the baking soda. it is a prettier color but still comes
closer to 14k than 24k

have tried cyanide based solution but wanted the heavy deposition
for the handmade chains

Hmmmm…It sounds like you are doing everything right. Try
lowering your temp to about 103 and see if there is any improvement.
If you are still getting less than satisfactory results, then I’d
return the solution and try another.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

I’m not sure about the 24k solution but I have found that rhodium
plating solution becomes contaminated easily in a workshop
enviroment. I was advised to get a carbon filter, the type you use
in a fishtank, available from pet shops. What you do is pour the
solution through the filter then sterilise all of your beakers and
anodes etc. Everything must be thoroughly cleaned to decontaminate.
hope this works.

Hi there,

Sorry to butt in. What do you sterilize it with?


Did you have any luck with cleaning your solution?