Plating question

Just listening to you help each other makes me feel like you are my
friends. So I feel I will get a good honest answer to my question. I
know you can do rhodium plating over white gold etc. Once I made a
14k gold chain for a friend. It was made of the gold with solder
already in the wire so I don’t know if this made a difference in the
final color or not. I tumbled the thing for 6 hours. The color was a
shine brownish gold and not the bright yallow color you get. So my
question is, should I have plated it and if so what do I use. I
noted the Midas plating system for rhodium over white gold and
platinum and gold plating over silver but found no info on yellow
gold to brighten yellow gold. Or was it just the solder that was
throughout the gold that made the difference. You are an awesome
bunch of people and I wish you all a great holiday weekend. Thank
you in advance for any help you can give me.By the way I am good
with the medical area of the dangers and would be happy to help when
I can with any questions. Thank you so much for what you have given
me in the past.And thank you in advance with any help you can give
me now.

Sincerely Anna Herrick

pickling will raise the fine gold by removing the less than noble
metal from the alloy. This process can also be done with a cold
cyanide solution that brings the surface to 24k if you leave it long
enough. plating is usually the last resort as natural metal is
better than something that will wear off.