Plating Pens

Greetings: I would love some on Pen Plating on sterling
silver. I would be starting from scratch and need to purchase the
minimum equipment for doing about 6 frames for 2 1/2" enamel pins.
The frames would be plated with 14k prior to inserting the enamel
piece. I had an Australian write that she uses TIVA GLO Pen that
SWEST CO carried, but they were bought out and the new company does
not carry it. Would anyone know the mfgr’a name and address for TIVA?.
My other question is: Has anyone used the MIDAS pen plating system
that Rio Grande carries and does it work well? If so, which pen
points do they use? There are 2 available. Should I buy their
instruction book before I buy the equipment? Are there dangers
involved. How long would it take to plate one frame? And does it
dry immediately or if not, how long before you can handle the piece?
I really don’t know enough about it to be able to ask all the right
questions. My third question : The name and address of a quality
plater of 14k on sterling silver. If this is not the way to ask for
do tell me and I’ll follow your instructions for asking
questions. Many thanks, Lilyan Bachrach

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