Plating and Restoration Work

Hi – A couple of weeks ago, I wrote in asking about annealing a
piece that had been plated and I got some good comments. The
church whose piece I had did not have any ‘spares’ that could be
used so that the paten that was damaged could be sent out to be
fixed. At any rate, we may have found some spares (they have
other things like chalices and bread boxes that need to be
un-dented and replated as well) and in anticipation of this, I
am looking for a good plating/restoration place that is equipped
to work on old pieces as those of some size and with various
kinds of decorative details. If anyone can make a good
recommendation, I would be very appreciative. Along this line, I
noticed an ad in the most recent Metalsmith for a company called
Estes-Simmons Silverplating, Ltd. in Atlanta, Ga. Has anyone any
knowledge of their work? Thank you in advance. Laura


Try Brandt & Opis (Roland Markowitz-owner)
46 West 46 Street 5 Fl.
New York, NY 10036
Tel: 212-302 0294; 212-245 9237

Valentin Yotkov

Stieff Silver Company in Baltimore MD used to have a department
that specialized in restoring and replating old pieces.
Information should be able to give you their number, and address.
I had some pearl-handled serving spoons replated back in the
early 60’s and they still look like new. Good luck–and I do
recommend them if they still do this work; they are a
world-reknowned mfgr. Sharon Holt

Kirk-Steiff is no longer in business. I think they stopped all
operations in January. Their parent company found that it was no
longer efficient to keep them open. It was a sad day in
Baltimore when we heard the news – they were a wonderful
company. Not only was their work beautiful, but the
craftspeople who had been with them up to 30 years are now out of
work. But just like every other profession today, downsizing is
the rule, the dollar rules it all.

Iris in Baltimore