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Plastic coated silver sheet [was Hoover ]

Would you mind if i asked you what you pay for the silver the
last time you bought it and date of purchase. Im curious if you
are paying extra for it.

I don’t mind at all - I didn’t have my latest prices available
so I called my two prime suppliers up to find out… I asked for
the same thing Sterling (925/1000) sheet metal 0,7 mm (0,02756
in) in the quantity range of 100 g to 1000 g.

Surprise Surprise…

The one I get most of my stuff from - the one not carrying
plastic coated silver quoted SEK 2,20 to the gram (7,52 SEK to
the $ renders USD 0,39 to the gram - using todays conversion
rate). I asked why they can’t supply coated silver. Their
supplier can’t coat as they say they have asked but the supplier
just refuse to deliver…

The other one - offering plastic coated silver, quoted for the
same quantity range SEK 1,860 to the gram ($ 0,25)

I’ll stick with the plastic coated silver as it really removes
unnecessary work. I’ll usually leave the plastic there as long as
possible, defenately through cutting and filing. The coating is
also usefull as you can draw on in with an ordinary pen.

Hope this helps…
Lars Dahlberg